Supplementation personalized for any purpose.

Made convenient as a drink mix.

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Every Ingredient.
Every Dosage.
Picked specifically for you by AI.

Through a 2 minute conversation, we use your nuanced needs and biology to create custom supplement formulations for any purpose: from high performance athletics to general health.

Shipped to you in a tasty drink mix.

In simple terms, we do the work for you with supplementation.

Helping you feel and perform better in 5 steps.


Have 2-5 minute conversation about your nuanced problems/needs with our health AI.


Get a supplement formulation/program dosed exactly to your biology and desired outcome. Based entirely on research studies.

80 mg
Ginkgo Biloba.
120 mg
Alpha GPC.
300 mg
400 mg
500 mg


Edit your formulation as you wish.  

80 mg
Alpha GPC.
300 mg
400 mg


Get your personalized supplement drink mix shipped to your door each month.


Change + plan out your program in your profile. Use our educational AI to learn more about supplementation.

28,000,000 possible formulations

24 research backed, lab tested, ingredients.

We promise we probably have what you need.

Designed for transparency.
Created for simplicity.

We redesigned the entire supplementation experience from scratch to orient it for the user.

Every detail is meticulously constructed to make your life easier.

Our eco-friendly, recyclable box not only secures your formulations but is designed to double as a convenient dispenser. Neatly stacked single-serving packets are always at your fingertips, ensuring an efficient, streamlined experience. It's your personal supplement vending machine.

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple pills and hello to the simplicity and ease of our powdered drink mixes. Each box contains 20 single-serving packets, tailored to your unique formulation. Not only are these packets a breeze to use, but they're also fully biodegradable.

At CLD-9, we believe in a personalized approach to health. Every product comes with a label bearing your name along with your specific formulation. No longer do you need to wonder about the components of your supplements - the information is right there, lending you ultimate control and transparency over your health journey.

Saving your money through centralized + personalized supplementation.

Average cost for a 7 ingredient supplement routine.


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Where are your ingredients sourced from?

CLD-9 Sources our ingredients from the largest supplier of supplements in the US adhering to these criteria:

All Ingredients are manufactured in a FDA Inspected facility
Ingredients are lab tested by a 3rd party for purity.
100% Vegan

How is my formula manufactured?

We produce all formulas in house at our custom manufacturing facility in Boulder, CO. With our precision dosing systems, we adhere to a strict standard of quality and tolerances for each supplement. Every formulation is created in a localized environment to prevent cross contamination.

What flavor will my formula be?

Currently we only offer an in-house Orange Citrus flavor, however more flavors are coming soon! This flavor contains no artificial sweeteners or flavoring.

Will the supplements in my formula impact the taste?

Each supplement has its own unique taste profile. In order to ensure the best taste possible, our custom Orange Citrus flavor is specially designed to mask these tastes, ensuring a smooth taste for each formula.

How does the AI create my formula?

Our AI is built upon the connection of interpreting your biology and preferences with real scientific research. It is trained to accurately classify and understand the user’s situation and connect real scientific data to find what's best for you.

When an ingredient is included in your formula, there is always interpreted research backing it’s inclusion for your situation.

CLD-9 leads the research on AI hallucinations and we have developed a proprietary system to reduce problems with traditional text prediction. We do this for your safety to make sure all health recommendations are based on research and logic instead of pattern recognition.

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