Supplementation shouldn't be complicated.

We simplify it through research-based formulas personalized by AI.

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"Not every problem can be deciphered with a generic solution. More often than not, customization is the answer. This is where CLD-9 takes the lead."

"A seamless experience that demystifies the often perplexing world of supplements"

"Not every problem can be deciphered with a generic solution. More often than not, customization is the answer. This is where CLD-9 takes the lead."

"A seamless experience that demystifies the often perplexing world of supplements"

Making supplementation easier.
One member at a time.

"I finally take my vitamins consistently. After years of using new products that I would stop using because I didn't like the taste or I forgot to rebuy or didn't have time to open all the containers in a rush to work.... CLD-9 made it so easy. I feel like ive entered the future"
Eliza Grace (Verified Member)
"CLD-9 has helped me stay consistent in my supplement regimen and makes the start of my day easy and convenient. Love the great tasting natural flavor"
Collin Tiemens (Verified Member)
"Awesome Product. Definitely a lot more convenient than regular supplements"
Sebastian Wick (Verified Member)
"I Use CLD-9 just about everyday. Since I've created my formula with the help of the AI and started using it regularly, I can see the results. I got my formula to help me cognitively and in the gym and I've seen great improvement in both areas of my life."
Dominic Gonzales (Verified Member)
"Im sold this is going to replace messy vitamin/supplement cabinets everywhere"
Anahad Marwaha (Verified Member)
"Feels great to see your name on the box. Like it was made for me: every aspect feels really thought through from the formulation to the easy to use biodegradable packets. The small things matter." I can really taste the ingredients in my formula so I know they are there but it still tastes great. Part of my daily morning routine!"
Yousef Sukar (Verified Member)

Every Ingredient.
Every Dosage.
Picked Just for you.

Through a short conversation, CLD-9 harnesses your unique needs and biology to create custom supplement formulations: from high performance athletics to general health.

Shipped to you in an orange citrus tasty drink mix.

In simple terms, we do the work for you.

Simplifying the supplement journey in 4 steps.

Chat with CLD-9 AI.
Receive your formula in the mail.
Pour and shake.
Drink and Enjoy.
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Chat with CLD-9 AI.
Receive your formula.
Pour & shake.
Drink & enjoy.

28,000,000 possible formulations.

Designed for transparency.
Created for simplicity.

We redesigned the entire supplementation experience from scratch for simplicity.

With transparent dosages, we eliminate uncertainty, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our sustainable, recyclable box serves as a convenient dispenser, offering a streamlined experience.

Say goodbye to choking down a bunch of pills. Each box contains single-serving biodegradable packets aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Each product is labeled with your name, supplement ingredients, and exact dosages, removing the guesswork in your health and wellness journey.

Saving you money through centralized supplementation.

Cost of a CLD-9 Membership


Average cost of 7 ingredient supplement routine.



Where are your ingredients sourced from?

CLD-9 Sources our ingredients from the largest supplier of supplements in the US adhering to these criteria:

All Ingredients are manufactured in a FDA Inspected facility
Ingredients are lab tested by a third-party for purity.
100% Vegan
NSF certified ingredients

How is my formula manufactured?

Using our precise dosing system, all formulations are manufactured in our facility in Boulder, CO. Each formulation is created in a localized environment to prevent cross contamination and ensure strict quality control standards.

What flavor will my formula be?

Currently, we offer an Orange Citrus flavor, free from artificial sweeteners & flavorings. Stay tuned for more exciting flavors coming soon!

Will the supplements in my formula impact the taste?

Every supplement has a distinct taste profile. To guarantee an exceptional taste, our Orange Citrus flavor conceals this profile, ensuring a delightful drinking experience.

How does the AI create my formula?

Our AI is built upon the connection of interpreting your biology and preferences with real scientific research. It is trained to accurately classify and understand the user’s situation and connect real scientific data to find what's best for you.

When an ingredient is included in your formula, there is always interpreted research backing it’s inclusion for your situation.

CLD-9 pioneers research on AI hallucinations and has devised a proprietary system to mitigate issues with traditional text prediction. This secures your safety by basing all health recommendations on research and logic rather than pattern recognition.

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A one stop shop where scientific research combined with giving you the control to choose what goes into your body meet to create the perfect formulation for you.

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